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OilQuick tiltrotators automatically increase your flexibility and efficiency

A flexible and competent hydraulic wrist

OQTR-E is based on Engcon’s market leading rotor body and OilQuick’s well proven quality couplers. OQTR-E comes in five models; OQTR-E09, OQTR-E14, OQTR-E19, OQTR-E26 och OQTR-E33.

OIlquick OQTR Automatic quick coupler system for Tilt Rotators | APRD Machinery Ireland
OQ LockSupport Ireland | APRD Machinery

OQ LockSupport

OilQuick LockSupport (OQLS) is an advanced, user-friendly driver support for safe and secure attachment switching on excavators. OQLS is available for all nine sizes of OilQuick fully automatic quick couplers.

For safe attachment changes Nowadays modern excavators are equipped with hydraulic quick couplers and use a number of buckets and attachments, which in many cases are switched several times per hour and day. There is always an element of risk when switching buckets and attachments. Dropped and swinging buckets can accidentally cause either severe personal injury or death. The reason for dropped buckets in most cases is driver-related and can depend on many factors including work stress, non standardised lock manoeuvring (buttons and controls with different functions, different placement from machine to machine), difficulty in determining whether the attachment is aligned correctly and uncertainty in the position of the locking bolts. OQLS minimizes all these problems and gives the operator safe and secure support for the right decisions when switching buckets and attachments. OQLS provides the following benefits:

  • Mindful, controlled connection process.
  • Sensor detection of attachment pins and locking cylinder position
  • Automatic activation of the machine’s hydraulics.
  • The system logs all events as well as the last 32 events in chronological order.

OilQuick Tiltrotator – System solution

  • If you mount automatic OilQuick quick couplers on top of and underneath the Tiltrotator, it not only tilts to the side and rotates for greater maneuverability but also enables you to attach hydraulic tools within a few seconds.Using the OilQuick tiltrotator equipped with the sandwich solution, the driver can tilt, rotate or change the tiltrotator for a bucket or other attachment and also change hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator without having to leave the cab. This takes the tiltrotator to a new level. OilQuick also supplies a complete range of tools and accessories for tiltrotators.

Benefits with OilQuick tiltrotator

  • OilQuick takes the tiltrotator to a new level With an OilQuick tiltrotator you quickly change hydraulic work tools directly from the drivers cab. This takes the tiltrotator to a new level!
  • Quick return on your OilQuick investment When excavating with the tiltrotator, the machine lifts about an extra 55 tons every hour (using the tiltrotator for 15 ton excavators). This results in additional fuel costs of around 2.5 to 4 euros per hour.Like every other work tool, the tiltrotator should be used where it is of the greatest benefit. If you use the tiltrotator correctly for the appropriate purpose, you can save fuel costs and substantially reduce maintenance and repair costs.
  • Integrated Grapple Grapple is available as an option for all our tiltrotators.
OIlquick OQTR Automatic quick coupler system for Tilt Rotators | APRD Machinery Ireland


OIlquick Control system Ireland
OilQuick enables you to choose a control system to suit your excavator and other options. Whichever system you choose you can rest assured it will meet both current safety requirements and the coming ISO 13031 standard. Whichever control system you choose, you get OQ Lock Support® – an advanced electronic monitoring system that always confirms that the attachment is correctly coupled. OQCS-4. Control system for OQTR-E Our own system with directional valves that enable switching between the tilt function and an extra hydraulic function on the tiltrotator. This system is also used to control the attachment coupler on the tiltrotator. The system is designed for control by double hydraulic functions from the machine. If permitted by the machine, the tilt and rotation functions can be used simultaneously. DC2. Proportional control system for OQTR-E Engcon’s proportional control system DC2 is suitable for all excavators and can be obtained with wheel or track control, as well as boom swing via the machine’s joysticks. Connect your smartphone to DC2 via Bluetooth and shift between different driver profiles or make speed settings.
Control system, OQTR-E
OIlquick Electrical connections Ireland
OilQuick quick coupler system can be equipped with electrical connections for control current of valves and other things. There are two types of electrical connections; horizontal mounted couplers and alternatively vertical mounted couplers.
Electrical connections, OQ | OQTR-E
OIlquick MIG2 Joysticks Ireland
MIG2 Joysticks for OQTR-E for excavators combine maximum ergonomics and functionality. The grip is developed for maximum ergonomics, without sacrificing the requirements for increased safety and more control functions. In combination with DC2, the joystick can be operated with three rollers and seven buttons, which are doubled with two joysticks. The operator can thus work maximally efficiently and at the same time spare the body from strenuous movements and posture. The grip contains an integrated hand support on which the hand can rest without affecting the excavating movement. The hand support is flexible and can be adjusted to different sizes of hand. MIG2 is not only ergonomic, it also gives the operator new work possibilities. The grip’s rollers are designed for the thumb, index and middle fingers In this way, the driver can combine all six rollers at the same time if necessary.
MIG2 Joysticks, OQTR-E
OilQuick High-flow swivel Ireland
High-flow swivel allows the customer to run different types of flow-consuming tools. It enables a flow of up to 200 litres/min at 300 bar and gives completely new possibilities to use more types of hydraulic tools: Bushes, vibro-plate, sorting- and multigrips. The swivel is also directly-mounted on the attachment coupler to reduce the risk of leaks, reduce pressure drops and increase the flow capacity.
High-flow swivel, OQTR-E
OilQuick Grip Ireland
Grip is an effective grabbing and handling tool that makes your excavator even more versatile and can be used for most types of grapple work: Pipe laying, stone laying, lighter sorting work and more. The grapple module has rounded tines that close fully and can even be detached. Does not limit bucket manoeuvring when not in use. The correct Grapple module for your OQTR-E:

OQ45-4 GRD10, GR20B* GRD10, GR20B*
OQ45-5 GRD10, GR20B* GRD10, GR20B*
OQ60-4 GRD20 GRD20
OQ60-5 GRD20 GRD20
OQ65 GRD70 GRD70
OQ70 GRD70 GRD70
OQ70/55 GR30* GR30*
OQ80 GR30*
* Integrated grip
Grip, OQTR-E