OilQuick tiltrotators automatically increase your flexibility and efficiency | Ireland
OQTR-E26 For medium-sized excavators and backhoe loaders in weight class 19-26 t. Oilquick Ireland


For medium-sized excavators and backhoe loaders in weight class 19-26 t.


Using the OilQuick tiltrotator equipped with the sandwich solution, the driver can tilt, rotate or change the tiltrotator for a bucket or other attachment and also change hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator without having to leave the cab. This takes the tiltrotator to a new level. If you have an OilQuick system mounted on top of the tiltrotator, you can remove it quickly to attach a standard bucket, ripper or hydraulic hammer, thus making maximum use of your excavator’s capacity and breakout force. This also makes sure that the right tool is used for the right job!

Min/max machine weight19 000 - 26 000 kg
Max. breaking torque270 kNm
Max. bucket width2000 mm
Max. hydraulic pressure22 MPa
Rec. hydraulic flow DC2120 L/min
Rec. hydraulic flow tilt/rotation OQCS-470/70 L/min
Max. return line pressure2.5 MPa
Max. hydraulic flow extra/high flow100 L/min
Swivel channel extra function4
Swivel channel locking function2
Tilt angle2x45°
Tilting speed at hydraulic flow5/43 s/L/min
Rotation speed for one rotation at hydraulic flow7/70 s/L/min
Standard dimension extra outlet1”
No. of lubrication points5, standard
No. of lubrication points through OQ-function4, option
Rotation sensor and ePSYes, standard
Tilt cylinder, double acting with load holding valveYes, standard

Control system

DC2 wheel controlOption
DC2 track controlOption
Quick coupler OQ70
Weight (kg) From 840 kg
Total length mm (A) 986
Height mm (B) 698
Width mm (C) 894
Total height mm (D) 1237
Coupler width mm (E) 450
C-C Axle distance mm (F) 600
Inner dimension mm (G) 451

Tekniskdata Tilt V3