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Automatic quick coupler system for excavators

Change between various mechanical and hydraulic attachments from inside the cab!

OilQuick is an automatic quick coupler system for excavators, which allows hydraulic work tools to be connected and disconnected from the drivers cab. The operator can change between various work tools within a few seconds, such as a hydraulic hammer, steel or concrete shears, sorting grapple, hydraulic magnet, compactor, sorting bucket, tilt bucket or tiltrotator.

OIlquick OQ Automatic quick coupler system for excavators
OQ LockSupport Ireland | APRD Machinery

OQ LockSupport

OilQuick LockSupport (OQLS) is an advanced, user-friendly driver support for safe and secure attachment switching on excavators. OQLS is available for all nine sizes of OilQuick fully automatic quick couplers.

For safe attachment changes

Nowadays modern excavators are equipped with hydraulic quick couplers and use a number of buckets and attachments, which in many cases are switched several times per hour and day. There is always an element of risk when switching buckets and attachments. Dropped and swinging buckets can accidentally cause either severe personal injury or death. The reason for dropped buckets in most cases is driver-related and can depend on many factors including work stress, non standardised lock manoeuvring (buttons and controls with different functions, different placement from machine to machine), difficulty in determining whether the attachment is aligned correctly and uncertainty in the position of the locking bolts. OQLS minimizes all these problems and gives the operator safe and secure support for the right decisions when switching buckets and attachments.

OQLS provides the following benefits:

  • Mindful, controlled connection process.
  • Sensor detection of attachment pins and locking cylinder position
  • Automatic activation of the machine’s hydraulics.
  • The system logs all events as well as the last 32 events in chronological order.

The right tool always ready for the job

  • Change between various work tools within a few seconds!
  • Increased versatility and efficiency No oil spills, saving both money and the environment. No messy hose couplings.
  • Saves the knees and back of the driver when unnecessary jumps in and out of the cab is avoided.
  • The OilQuick system will not only make your excavator but also your company more flexible, competitive and cost effective.
  • OilQuick is an advanced quick coupler system for excavators and can be supplied in various models for machines from 1 to 120 tons.

All OilQuick products have attachment frames of the highest quality with the best fit. Use the original OilQuick frames for optimal functionality of your OilQuick-system. Together with our authorized tool suppliers, we can help you to the best system solution where quick coupler, tiltrotator, control systems and tools are fully compatible.

OIlquick Ireland
Coupler function

The OilQuick quick coupler locks the quick coupler to the attachment bracket, at the same time connecting the hydraulic hose couplings. All of this is done in one motion.



Small excavator or heavy equipment? Hydraulic, electric or mechanical attachment? No two machines are alike, but the OilQuick-system always works. And the result: You work more comfortable, faster and safer. No matter the equipment you will always find the correct adapter in our range.

OilQuick Mechanical Adapter | Hydraulic Adapter | Bolted Breaker Adaptor | Hydraulic Swivel Adapter APRD Machinery Ireland


OIlquick High-power connection for magnet

The OilQuick quick coupler system can also be fitted with a high-power connection, enabling a magnet for example to be attached quickly for material handling work. This high-power coupling has a capacity of up to 63 A.

High-power connection for magnet, OQ | OQC
OIlquick Hydraulic locking Ireland

For a backlash-free attachment and optimal safety the OilQuick-quick coupler system requires a hydraulic locking with full system pressure, free return to the tank and one lock switch in the cab with dual controls.

In many cases, the excavator comes factory-equipped with a CE approved locking hydraulic systems that satisfy our requirements. But in cases where this may not apply, OilQuick offers an optimal hydraulics lock solution. OilQuick hydraulic lock kit is available as an option.

Hydraulic locking, OQ
OIlquick Electrical connections Ireland

OilQuick quick coupler system can be equipped with electrical connections for control current of valves and other things. There are two types of electrical connections; horizontal mounted couplers and alternatively vertical mounted couplers.

Electrical connections, OQ | OQTR-E
OIlquick Lubrication connector Ireland

A connector developed to handle lubrication of attachments in the best possible way.

The unique aspect of the connector is that it has an integrated return for the grease, so that when you disconnect a tiltrotator and connect a bucket, the grease goes back to the return so that the overflow valve is not activated. An option for all sizes of coupler.

Lubrication connector, OQ