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OQC 65

The OQC is an OilQuick suspended quick coupler, which is primarily designed for use on loading cranes and other handling equipment with lifting capacity up to 20 tons.

Why OQC?

  • Change between various work tools within a few seconds!
  • Increased versatility and efficiency.
  • No oil spills, saving both money and the environment. No messy hose couplings.
  • Saves the knees and back of the driver when unnecessary jumps in and out of the cab is avoided.
  • The OilQuick system will not only make your excavator but also your company more flexible, competitive and cost effective.
  • OilQuick is an advanced quick coupler system for excavators and can be supplied in various models for machines from 1 to 120 tons.
  • Can distribute: Hydraulic oil, grease, water and electricity.
Oilquick APRD Machinery Ireland
OQC 65
RotatorWeight(kg)Max. lift capacity
XR400225kg250kg213kg20 t
Max. no. of couplingsElectrical couplingsMax. operating pressure
1"3/4"High Power 65AControl Power 24V, 10 Polig
-3OptionOption350 bar

OQC Artboard 3X 2

A 441 mm
B 602 mm
C 530 mm
D 802 mm
E 690 mm
F 635 mm
G 504 mm