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OQ 120 is an automatic quick coupler system for large excavators between 70-120 t.

Railway maintenance demands a lot of you and your machine. You need sleeper layers, securing equipment, machines for handling asphalt and many more attachments to do an effective job.

This is where OQ RAIL comes in, a fully automatic quick coupler with up to 8 hydraulic connections. Now you can remain in the cab to switch between all your attachments, whether they are hydraulic, electric or mechanical.

OQ RAIL is a fully automatic quick coupler system for work on railways

Why OQ?

  • Change between various work tools within a few seconds!
  • Increased versatility and efficiency.
  • No oil spills, saving both money and the environment. No messy hose couplings.
  • Saves the knees and back of the driver when unnecessary jumps in and out of the cab is avoided.
  • The OilQuick system will not only make your excavator but also your company more flexible, competitive and cost effective.
  • OilQuick is an advanced quick coupler system for excavators and can be supplied in various models for machines from 1 to 120 tons.
  • Can distribute: Hydraulic oil, grease, water and electricity.
ModelWidthPin SpreadWeightCarrierMax3/8"1/2"3/4"1"1.5"Electrical Coupling
OQRail440 mm530 mm220 kg14-22t8-53--Yes + 2 x V 90