What is a Hydraulic Quick Hitch? (Or Quick Coupler?)

A hydraulic quick hitch (or quick coupler) is a fitting attached to a machine such as an excavator that allows for the changing of attachments quickly and easily. The Oilquick system allows this to be controlled from within the drivers cab. The operator can swap between various tools within a few seconds, such as a sorting bucket, sorting grapple, steel or concrete shears,  hydraulic magnet, compactor, tilt bucket or tilt rotator.

Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Excavators in Ireland

Oilquick quick coupler systems are available for excavators. Change between various mechanical and hydraulic attachments from inside the cab!

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OQ 70 is a fully automatic quick coupler system to suit all medium sized excavators from 15-28 t. | APRD Machinery Ireland

Tilt Rotators in Ireland

OilQuick tiltrotators automatically increase your flexibility and efficiency.

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OQTR-E19 For medium-sized excavators and backhoe loaders in weight class 14-19 t. Oilquick Ireland

Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Wheel Loaders/ Loading Shovels in Ireland

OilQuick is the most advanced quick coupler system for Wheel loaders and is available in three models for machines from 5 to 33 tons.

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OIlquick OQL Automatic quick coupler system for wheel loaders | APRD Machinery Ireland

Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Forklift Trucks in Ireland

If you choose a complete system solution from OilQuick, you can rest assured that the components are all compatible and constructed for optimum performance.

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OIlquick OQT Automatic quick coupler system for forklift trucks | APRD Machinery Ireland

Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Lorry Cranes in Ireland

OilQuick OQC 40M makes tool changing on cranes much easier.

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Oilquick OQC40M Automatic quick coupler system for lorry cranes | APRD Machinery Ireland

Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Handling Materials

The OQC is an OilQuick suspended quick coupler, which is primarily designed for use on handling equipment.

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OIlquick Change hydraulic attachments in 15 seconds | APRD Machinery Ireland