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Rotating Mandrel & Transport Mandrel

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Rotating Mandrel & Transport Mandrel

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The turning and transport mandrel is a tool developed by Wolf from Aschaffenburg and is designed as an attachment for construction machinery. In the application it is used for transporting, loading and unloading as well as for unwinding heavy cable drums. The production of a special material ensures a particularly high load-bearing capacity. The internal bearings, which are set free of play, allow cables to be unwound easily even with maximum drum weights


Areas of application of the rotary mandrel attachment
For picking up, transporting, loading / unloading and unwinding or unwinding drums e.g. cable drums, hose drums, turf, round bales (straw, hay, fabric, etc.)

The advantages of the rotary mandrel

  • Easy to pick up the mandrels using a quick coupler
  • Easy and safe pick-up of the cable drum mandrel is made of a special steel
  • Easy and safe unwinding of heavy cable drums
  • Integrated transport lock
  • Easy and safe handling of heavy cable drums in rough terrain
  • High load capacityWith the rotating and transport mandrel, the drums can be transported and unwound safely and without additional personnel . The mandrel is passed through the center holes in the drums or bales, which are usually present and can be secured with the locking washer. Now the drum can be safely unloaded or transported without a second person.The carrier device brings the drum to the point where the cable, hose, etc. are to be processed. Now the wound-up goods can be unwound without great effort. You can drive along the trench and an employee guides the cable directly to the desired location. In this way, a large amount of material can be processed in a short time with little effort.

    Precondition for the attachment
    Positive, secure attachment to the carrier must be guaranteed.

    The mandrel is available as a quick coupler or as a permanent attachment with a universal connection for all common construction machines. Our development not only facilitates the handling of cable drums. Hose reels, turf, etc. can also be easily and safely brought onto the track with our innovation.

Connection systems

With quick-change device or universal connection (for permanent attachment) individually for: wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, cranes and other work equipment

For all common construction machines and fork lift trucks

Simple screw connection for a carrier
device The adapter suitable for your carrier device is screwed onto the basic device.

APRD Machinery | Mandrel
APRD Machinery | Mandrel
With quick coupling system
APRD Machinery | Mandrel
With the new Wolf quick coupling system, the Wolf rotating mandrel can be adapted to practically all common changer systems for excavators and wheel loaders. The turning and transport mandrel can also be equipped with the patented Wolf combination plate for Lehnhoff systems. This enables the customer to use two different quick couplers (MS01 / 03, MS03 / 08, MS08 / 10), which further expands the area of ​​application.

APRD Machinery | Mandrel

The Wolf rotating mandrel is available in various lengths and is designed for a load capacity of 3,000 to 3,500 kg . It is fully rotatable and it makes practically no difference whether the rolls are unwound horizontally or vertically

Diameter | Useable Length* | Load Capacity
75 mm | 1600 mm | 3000 kg
100 mm | 1600 mm | 3500 kg
*also available in other usable lengths

Functionality of quick coupling

Quick coupling system for changing carrier devices
APRD Machinery | Mandrel

APRD Machinery | Mandrel

APRD Machinery | Mandrel


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