APRD Machinery - The Attachment Experts in Ireland
APRD Machinery - The Attachment Experts in Ireland


We regret to announce the untimely passing of Gary O’Shaughnessy, who was tragically involved in an accident. In light of this, we want to assure you that business operations will continue as usual. For any enquiries, please reach out to Robert O’Shaughnessy at 087 781 1632. Additionally, for matters related to accounts, please contact Declan Reidy at declanreidy@taxassist.ie or call +353 (0)86 791 6852.

Demolition and Recycling Grabs HCG

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Demolition and Recycling Grabs HCG

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Our HGC demolition and recycling grabs were specifically developed for use in demanding industries.

HCG grabs were designed for

  • targeted demolition projects
  • sorting and cleaning scrap and waste
  • demolishing and loading




Technical details of our demolition and recycling grabs

All our models are equipped with

  • hydraulic rotation  (360°)
  • 1-2 robust hydraulic Parker motors
  • robust four-point ball bearing

Moreover, the hydraulic motors are protected against overloading by an effective pressure limit valve.

Additionally, all hydraulic parts are integrated in such way that they are protected from damage during the working process.

The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a standard load safety valve to ensure secure work and handling of panels and materials.

All the elements which come in direct contact with the material to be processed have been made of Hardox 400 or Hardox 500 wear-resistant, high-strength steel.  The jaws are designed with a perforated bottom plate and a reinforcement box made of wear-resistant, high-strength steel as standard.

The joints are oversized and can be well greased, so that a long life of all pins and bushings is guaranteed.

The strengths of our HGC Demolition and Recycling Grabs

  • Turnable and exchangeable wear blades made of HARDOX 500
  • Perforated bottom plate made of HARDOX 400
  • Reinforced jaws and side walls made of HARDOX 400
  • Hydraulically controlled, continuously rotatable 360°
  • Highly durable rotation motors with pressure limit valves
  • Robust hydraulic cylinder, equipped with a load safety valve to close at catching function, with end position damping
  • Reinforced frame, with limit stops at opening


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